Community Service

Shiela founded the 4S Share a Secret Spread Success Scholarship Foundation (4S) on May 21, 2010. To date, it has been running for ten years, and more than fifty youths already graduated and are now supporting their families.

There are also other programs aside from the Scholarship.

Proud Akong Lumaki Sa Capri or PALSC — started in July 2011. 4S recognizes and encourages college graduates (in the poor community where Shiela grew up) to inspire Elementary and High School students that if others made it, they can, too.

Regular Feeding in Nagkaisang Nayon Elementary School (NNES) — started in December 2011. 4S invites alumni of NNES and asks them to give short speeches, and at the same time, sponsor snacks for the kids. 4S believes that this event inspires the students to finish their studies — at the back of their minds, they would wish, too, that one day they will be the ones returning to NNES as a successful person! 4S produced three short films to promote the program.

I-Taas Kaalaman ITK — started in December 2014. Another program where 4S invites successful individuals who were raised in a poor community to give inspirational speeches. 4S aims to inspire graduates and students by letting them meet each other as a way to connect those who struggle to make it and those who already made it. In addition to the inspiration, 4S is also sharing success tools with the youths. 4S initiated this program when its first group of scholars couldn’t get jobs. The 4S directors realized that it’s not only money that makes their scholars successful. The students should also know their purpose and the tools to achieve their dreams. Many youths pursue college after attending ITK events.  

Chess — revived in 2018. Shiela was again inspired to produce chess players in her community after she joined the 43rd Chess Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia, representing Bermuda. She believes that Chess Club members can get scholarships in the future as varsity players for their schools.

Genus — the founders of Genus contacted Shiela in April 2018. They shared with her the vision of their organization: they believe every child is a GENIUS, and no child should be left behind. 4S was blessed to have used their interactive English learning program, ReadingKingdom, for more than ten kids in their community.   

Public Speaking — started in June 2018. Shiela has completed the highest qualification in Toastmasters after six years of membership. It is her goal to share the benefits of the program to the youths in her community by chartering a Toastmasters Club. Since there were no Toastmasters members in their community yet, they offered membership fees to selected youths in Barangay Capri so they can learn and bring these learnings to their community.

Weekly Online I-Taas Kaalaman – started on March 29, 2020. Due to the lockdown, Shiela thought of team coaching for the 4S scholars via ZOOM, but it ended up with many of her Toastmasters friends from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines contributing their time and talent.  Topics included were: How to be Productive during Lockdown, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey plus the 4S Habit, How to be a Great Leader and The Power of Public Speaking.