Aimee Dai, Hong Kong

Shiela’s words and smile are full of magic. She is an all-round and powerful life coach. I am really grateful to meet her in Mabuhay Toastmasters Club in 2019. She always encouraged me to try new things and step out of my comfort zone.

During the coaching, Shiela told me that she believes that we can find the solutions to solve our problems, and the key to the answers are in our own hands. After the life coaching session with her, I found that all the doubts and uncertainties are gone. I was deeply inspired by her speeches, stories and especially the questions that she asked me during the coaching session. She always listened patiently and guided me to think about what I really want and could achieve. Shiela is just like a treasure box, every time I talked with her, she could surprise me. Shiela not only ignited my passion and boosted me to follow my dreams, she also influenced many Toastmasters members in our club.

If you are looking for a life coach or would like to find a trust-worthy coach, I sincerely recommend Shiela to you. Sometimes, when we cannot figure out some difficult questions, all we need is to find an appropriate person to talk with. After I talked with Shiela, I found out my Aha moments. I hope you could discover yours with her too! Shiela is the best coach that you deserve to have!


Jennifer Rae M. Buhain, Chicago, Illinois

I moved from the Philippines to the United States two years ago. I was confident and fearless back then! But after experiencing a lot of rejections, I didn’t realize that slowly I was losing my self-esteem! I kept on making excuses for doing things that will advance my growth. I missed a lot of opportunities because of this!

When the stay-at-home order was implemented, I was asked if I want to try career coaching, and I agreed. To my surprise, it really helped me, and this is what I needed! It made me discover a lot of things about myself. We even identified the root cause of my fear. Hence it made it easy for me to deal with it and create action plans to overcome my fears! My favorite part of the process is the fact that all the solutions and discoveries are all coming from me. The sessions just helped me organize my thoughts and come up with the best solutions.

I’m still finding my best self again, but after the coaching, I felt that I’m now on the right track! Thank you, Shiela, you are amazing!


Alyssa Damayo, Quezon City, Philippines

I am currently in my 4th week of coaching with Shiela.
Every Saturday that we meet for our coaching sessions, I am gaining more self-awareness and drive to develop positive attitudes and values for myself!

One of the things that I truly enjoy in coaching sessions with Shiela is how she facilitates my train of thought to arrive at solutions or action plans that I need to take to solve my problems and achieve my goals! I feel more accountable for acting on the tasks/ goals I set for myself every week after our sessions compared to when I just read self-help books or solicit advice from other people. It really enhances my sense of commitment to the goals that I set for myself! I truly believe that everyone should have access to the kind of emotional support provided by a coach, especially in these trying times. I am looking forward to more Saturday mornings with Shiela.


Chazell Joy C. Creencia, Quezon City, Philippines

I am forever blessed to be part of career coaching sessions with Shiela. It is a great opportunity, and I would recommend to anyone who truly wants to make a positive change in how they view themselves and others.

When I started my career, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do because I was unaware of my strengths. I had a tough time getting a job because I get easily intimidated every time I attend interviews. I was almost at the point of giving up, but Shiela came, and everything changed.

She taught me how to trust and believe in myself, to think outside the box, and to listen with my head, heart, and gut. I can still remember how excited I was to our weekly meetings to update her of the progress I made and to know the next steps I need to do. It’s very challenging and enjoyable at the same time because I feel more accountable and responsible for all of my actions ever since our sessions started. Shiela’s coaching, encouragement, enthusiasm, and insights make me happily work in my dream company and dream job.

I am very grateful for all the lessons that I have learned through her guidance. I was able to see the core of my issues through her intelligent listening and questioning. Shiela took care of me during the process and helped me overcome my shortcomings in the most meaningful way possible.

When it comes to Career Coaching, Shiela is the Master, The Treasures Finder! Thank you so much for everything, Coach!!!


Aljon D. Breva,
Quezon City, Philippines

I was nervous at our first session due to the many questions in my mind. It turned out to be the best few months of my time during the lockdown.

I shared my challenges with her, and the coaching guided me in figuring out what’s going on. At the end of each session, I’m always amazed I could find the solutions and the answers are just in front of me.

Thank you very much, Coach Shiela. The sessions made me a better person.


Alyanna Beltran, Quezon City, Philippines

In this time of the pandemic, many are lost, and I was one of them. While waiting for the sun to rise up in this night where it becomes deeper and darker, my cousin became an instrument by enrolling me in Life Coaching that I’ve never thought will help me face and overcome the darkness within me.

Before coaching, I was carrying a “bag” full of fears and insecurities with heaviness in my heart, not knowing where it’s coming from. Every time our session ends, I was amazed and feel great about how I ended up answering my own questions and found the reasons why it felt so heavy.

Ate Shiela is a great coach because she asked questions that moved you beyond you can think of. Through her listening, questioning, and full presence, little did I know that the “bag” is no longer as heavy as before.

The coaching sessions became the light of my darkness and reason to find myself again.


I’m in the crucial age of my life. I’m experiencing anxiety, depression, insecurities, time management issues, academic and career problems, but the “best comrade” stepped into the battlefield and saved me. She took all the bullets of my dilemmas to protect me in the call of agony. In almost four months of quarantine, due to COVID-19, I spent most of my time scrolling my social media until my cousin gave me a chance to make my time productive. She introduced me the life coaching with Coach Shiela.

In the first session of our coaching, I thought it was only a typical conversation with someone, but my impression had changed from 2nd to 10th sessions of our coaching. Each meeting, I always feel excited about my favorite portion of coming up with solutions and findings.

This experience helped me build myself, and I thank Coach Shiela for her guidance. I gained a lot from this that I can share with my fellow youths, that I/we can be a better individual, and that what I/we need to do is appreciate myself/ourselves more. Shiela Cancino is the best coach that all of us should have. – Alprich Beltran

Loise Anne Ibarra, HR Business Partner