The coaching model Chess Pawn To Queen describes the process of a client’s transformation symbolized by a Chess Pawn turning into a Queen. In Chess context, a pawn is just an ordinary soldier who is the first line of defense to protect the King. Unlike the other Chess pieces, it does not have any unique ability, and it can only move one or up to two steps forward around its territory and only one step beyond. The most powerful piece in the Chess game is the queen. It can attack anywhere, and it does not have any limitations in movement.
Surprisingly, of all the chess pieces, only a pawn can become a queen when it reaches the base of the opponent; this is called promotion in Chess.

The focus of this coaching model is to assist you in transforming through various stages from (1) Pawn into (2) Self-exploration, then (3) Taking Actions, which will eventually lead them into becoming a (4) Queen.