Confident Gen Z Thru Storytelling

I was sickly when I was one y/o.

My parents already surrendered my life to God.

Every year during my birth month, I was bald because of the rashes developed on my neck that reached my head. It lasted until I was seven.

After seven y/o, when rashes started to develop, I’d cut my hair so they won’t touch my neck and prevent the development of rashes.

My confidence was crushed too early!

Plus the fact that my two sisters are beautiful, intelligent, and talented. I can’t help but compare myself to them.

Even if God gave me talents, I didn’t see them because what I saw were my flaws.

I’ve had the privilege of teaching kids and youths the past couple of months.

9 out of 10 are shy.

9 out of 10 are afraid to speak up in the main room.

9 out of 10 would think about how others will judge them.

And because of all these, they might not discover the talents God gave them.

But what if as early as seven y/o, they will change their relationship with their perceived fears?

And so, it’s my mission this year to unlock kids’ and youths’ treasures through storytelling workshop (English and Tagalog).

Only up to 8 students per batch. Age range: Kids (9-12), Youths (13-21)

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